Hidden Gem: Mooreland Mansion

Nestled back in the trees of the Lakeland Community College campus in Kirkland, Ohio lies one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Cleveland Area. It is the Mooreland Mansion.



I believe the Mooreland Mansion is one of the great Hidden Gems in Cleveland for wedding venues.  The Mooreland was built in the 1800s as the summer home of Edward William Moore, a Cleveland railroad tycoon. After members of the Moore family past away, the mansion was donated the Lakeland Community College. Local donors restored the mansion  turning it into a conference center and banquet hall.


The front of the house itself if a show stopper with it grand front entrance framed with large white columns. On top of that the property boast 2 lush gardens: the rose garden (featured above) and the formal garden. Each providing ample places to capture stunning wedding photos.  And thats is just the outside! The inside is filled with a platitude of vintage charm with grand stair cases and many pieces of original furniture from the 1800s.


The Mooreland Mansion is not just a Hidden Gem because it is gorgeous, but because it is reasonably priced, the food is good, and the staff is AMAZING! When we started looking for wedding venues we became so discouraged that we would never be able to find a venue that was elegant and fit into our budget. When we found the Mooreland Mansion and saw their prices we were completely sold.  They did not have any crazy food minimums and provided many decorative items like napkins, table clothes and vases at no additional cost. Working with the staff is so easy too. They helped us plan our day and provided us with a day of coordinator, Mary-who I absolutely love- who made sure everything went smoothly.

Now the mansion does come with its quirks like: it can only hold up to 200 guest and that is if some of guest sit outside. There is also no one large room that all your guest can sit in,  instead they are spread out over 3 rooms depending how many people are in attendance. At first we were super concerned with this, but our guest loved the venue so much I don’t think they even noticed.


Photography by: Human Artist Photography


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