Hidden Gem: The Windamere Event Venue & Art Gallery

 The Windamere Event Venue & Art Gallery

2 South Main St. 
Middletown, OH 45044
(513) 818-5174 • info@TheWindamere.com

A true Hidden Gem lies in the cornerstone of Middletown, Ohio. The Windamere Event Venue and Art Gallery was once the site of the Oglesby-Barnitz Bank, which started in the 1800’s. The structure that stands today was originally built in 1929.   After changing hands several times, the bank closed its doors in 2001. For many years the structure sat without proper care until Mica, the owner, came along and saw its true potential as a wedding venue.In the renovation, the true beauty of the of the building was revived. From its grand columns flanking the front door, to the breathtakingly beautiful chandelier commanding your attention, to the original bank safe drawing you in, The Windamere provides an atmosphere of vintage glamour perfect for any wedding.


The Windamere can accommodate 175 guests and has arrangements to host both ceremony and reception all in one place. It offers a bridal suite and “stags” room for the bride and groom to get ready before the wedding. The venue boasts 2 balconies overlooking the dance floor. One is a VIP area that gives the bride and groom a special place to take a breather and reflect upon their big day.

Rental of The Windamere is moderately priced and you can bring in your own caterer for food. I really liked that the rental of the facility also comes with a wedding coordinator and packages for different levels of decor options, like linens and centerpieces, that range from understated to more glitzy. Mica will work with you to understand your wedding style and will coordinate rentals of all linens, centerpieces, chair covers, other decor pieces.

A special touch that The Windamere offers is the ability to rent out one of the safety deposit boxes in the original bank safe as a time capsule. Couples can store keepsakes from their wedding and come back in the future to reminisce about their big day.


So if you are looking for a unique wedding venue with vintage charm in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, look no further then The Windamere Event Venue and Art Gallery.

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