Vendor Spotlight: Sherry’s Petals

Sherry’s Petals

209 Main Street
Hamilton, Ohio
(513) 312-4904•Follow: @SherrysPetals



It takes the vision of a creative person like Sherry, from Sherry’s Petals, to take something so ordinary as a baseball and make it into a lovely bridal bouquet. When I met Sherry, I saw that she was doing something so unique that I needed to talk with her. For over 35 years Sherry has been designing flowers for her friends and family. In 2013 she decided it was time to make it into a formal business and opened Sherry’s Petals which specializes in custom heirloom brooch bouquets and sports flower bouquets.   




What Is Your Process?

I discuss with brides their floral needs and work to understand their wedding concept.  I offer bridal party flowers, garters, and my ‘For the Win’ sports flower collection.  I also can create silk or paper flower backdrops and memory music boxes. The music boxes have pictures of the couple on it and it plays their favorite song when it is opened.

 I like to be really open and work with couples to figure out how to meet their vision and their budget.I love to personalize the items that brides get from me and give them more than what they expected. 



I am moderately priced for bridal party flowers and I really work to meet people’s budget. 

For those that are really more budget conscious, I now offer Pop Up Flower Parties. With these parties, I host a workshop for the bride and her friends to make their own bridal party flowers. I sit down with brides to understand they vision, then I custom make the bride’s bouquet and bring this to the party. This is used for inspiration to make the bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, toss bouquet, and corsages. I let the brides decide where they want to host their workshop, at home, at a coffee shop, or an art studio. I bring all the supplies, so all they have to do is have fun with their friends and family. 



When Should Brides Contact You?

It is best to contact me about 6-4 months in advance of their wedding. 

How Can Brides Contact you?

They can go to my website  or I am on Facebook and Instagram @Sherryspetals. People can contact me there via the messaging system. 



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