Wedding Planning Tool Kit: Guest List Manager

Whether you are having 50 guests or 400, when two families are joining together to celebrate becoming one, crafting the guest list can get out of control. We have all been there. You and your fiancé sit down to craft what you think to be a great guest list, then your mom wants to invite aunts you haven’t seen since you were three years old and your soon to be father in-law wants to invite all of his business buddies.  Once you finally narrow down the count, you then have to keep track of all the guest information like addresses, who has RSVP’d, guest meal choices, possible food allergies, what gifts you received from each guest, and if you sent them a thank you card. Managing the guest list can become a doozy.

That is why here at Bridal Gush we are bringing you our newest tool, the Bridal Gush Guest List Manager. Download our free tool by clicking the link below.

Bridal Gush Guest List Manager

The Bridal Gush Guest List Manager provides an easy way to keep track of guest information like their addresses, meal choices, and table number. The manager allows you to record who you have sent a Save-the-Date, invitation, and thank you card to. Also, as you receive back your guest RSVP cards, you can record who has accepted and declined for pre-wedding and wedding festivities. By following a few easy steps, the guest list manager will automatically calculate the number of guest for each event. You can use this for providing final counts to your venue and caterer.

Planning Tip: Number the back of your RSVP cards and record this number to be associated with the household the invitation is sent to. Since some handwriting can be hard to read, this will help you to easily identify who the RSVP card belongs to.

This is a real example of one of the many RSVPs I received back for my own wedding with no name or initials to give any indication who it was from.

image1 (3)

If you find the Guest List Manager helpful comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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