Bachelorette Party Ideas to Fit Any Bride’s Vibe

Your best friend is getting married, Yippy! She is soon to be off the market, so it is time to throw her one last shindig before she becomes a married lady. Planning a bachelorette party is lots of fun, but also can be lots of work. So I have teamed with our friends at Stag and Hen, an online boutique that specializes in pretty party goods and planning tips for bachelorette parties, to bring you all some fun ideas sure to please any bride.

First off let’s talk the basics of planning a bachelorette party. It is a night or weekend for the bride to hang with her gals and have a good time. The night should be fun for the bride, so check with her on what are actives she would be interested in, if she wants a destination trip, and what is off limits. From there coordinate the date and time of the party and who the bride would want to invite. Remember to keep the guest list small- 10 people or less is ideal- so it is more of an intimate party. For more information on how to plan the party Stag and Hen’s full 10 step guide here.  Now let’s delve into the fun stuff- the cool ideas.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Beach Bash:

A Beach Bash is for the bride that wants to get away from it all and let loose with her girlfriends on the sand. The beach is great for relaxing and letting the sun melt away the stress of wedding planning.

In your plans weave relaxation with Bachelorette fun by starting your day with things like a beachside Mimosa brunch at the locals favorite restaurant. Then you can head on over to the beach or a pool day-party. Add some friendly competition into the day with the Stag and Hen Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt filled with silly tasks to keep your party entertained like finding guys with the same name as the groom. Finish the night off with shots and dancing the night away at the locals favorite bars.

To keep the party going 24/7 think about renting a beach house, heading off to an all-inclusive resort, getting a hotel suite to accommodate all of the party guests.  When looking for destinations to jet set to check out these destinations that have great beaches and great nightlife:

No beach bash is complete without this Stag and Hen Must-Have Party Accessories:

Beach Bash Must haves

1. Let’s Flamingle Napkins | 2. Drinking Buddies Drink Markers | 3. Pineapple Mason Jar Sipper | 4. Flamingo Drink Floaties Set | 5. Pineapple Drink Floaties Set | 6. Pineapple and Flamingo Sunnies

Naughty Night Out:

Keep it local for the bride that wants to party the night away in her city. This can be a more budget friendly option and great for the bride with a busy schedule who may find it hard to get away. Gather the girls up for a day filled with activities that end with a naughty night out on the town.

Just because you are staying local, does not mean you can not relax.  You can start the day by getting the bride ready for a night out with a morning at the spa filled with mani-pedis and messages.  Then you can turn up the heat with a fun Strip Tease or Pole Dancing aerobics class where she can learn a few new moves for the soon-to-be hubby.   Complete the night out with a stop by the male review if you really want to get naughty. If that is not your style rent a party bus and go bar hopping. Keep the party interesting as you go from stop to stop with these Stag and Hen Bachelorette Dare Cards

Pump up the party with these Naughty Night Out Stag and Hen Must-Have Party Accessories:

naughty night out .jpeg

1. Bride To Be Headband| 2. Gold Bachelorette Tattoos Mix Pack| 3.Drinking Chaps Drink Markers| 4. Drink Please! Bar Top Bell| 5. Let’s PARTAY! Frost Flex Shot Cups

Girls Night In:

If a mellow night in is more the bride’s style, keep it chill with a good old fashion sleepover with close friends. Plan to have it at someone’s house or rent a nice hotel suite or home on Airbnb for a more luxury feel. And of course, cute pajamas and onesies are a must!

You can chillax and spend time catching up over wine and at home facials. Add a sweet treat by creating an ice cream sundae bar complete with all of the bride’s favorite toppings. Spice up the night with Stag and Hen’s Lingerie Shower Bingo and provide the bride with some sexy little things for her honeymoon. If you still want to get a little rowdy the age-old policemen strippers are sure not to disappoint.

Keep it festive with these Girls Night In Stag and Hen Must-Have Party Accessories:

Girls Night in1. Rose All Day Napkins | 2. Bachelorette Bash Wine Tumbler | 3. Blush Gold Dots Snack Plates | 4. Acrylic Confetti Wine Tumblers | 5. Bachelorette Bash banner and Magnolias & Mimosas Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Now that you have these cool ideas, have fun planning your friend’s last fling before the ring! Leave a comment and tell us what you think of these ideas or about any other fun bachelorette party ideas you have seen!


4 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party Ideas to Fit Any Bride’s Vibe

  1. Kourtney Jensen says:

    My friend is getting married soon, so we’re looking for some ideas for her bachelorette party. I like how you mentioned you can still have a great party even if you stay in. We were thinking of getting her some outfits to wear for her honeymoon, which you mentioned would be a good idea. I’m sure it’ll be a great time, and can’t wait to see her reaction!


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