Wedding Planning Tool Kit: Wedding Day Planner

You have found all your vendors finalized, sent out the invitations and now you are in the home stretch! As the big day approaches it is time to start thinking of the logistics of the day. When will you get your hair done?  How much time do you need to get ready? When will all the vendors arrive? What do you do with the decor pieces after the wedding?  If you are going through the day with no wedding planner or day of coordinator, planning out the logistics can be challenging.

But y’all know I got your back! At Bridal Gush I am bringing you our newest tool, the Bridal Gush Wedding Day Planner. Download our FREE tool by clicking the link below.

Bridal Gush Wedding Day Planner

It is crucial to have a plan for the wedding so everyone knows what is going on. The Wedding Day Planner allows you to easily create a schedule for the wedding weekend, a day of schedule. I have even included a sample Wedding Day schedule.  It also allows you to keeps track of wedding party members and vendors contact information which is super helpful for you to have handy if anyone is running late. It also helps if you do have a coordinator for them to have this list so that they can make any last minute calls if needed.

The Wedding Day Planner also features a Decor Check List that allows you to identify all of your decor pieces and describe where they should go and what should be done with them after the festivities are over. This is helpful for your venue staff and family and friends who are helping you to set up.

Planning Tip: One common thing easily forgotten in the planning process is the teardown and clean up after the wedding. After you leave often times your family and friends can be left cleaning up the venue. If they do not know what you want to keep or through away you could end up with items you wanted being thrown away or items being kept that were not needed.  Use the Wedding Day Planner Keep track of what stays and what goes to make everyone life easier.

If you find the Wedding Day Planner helpful comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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