A Sun-Kissed Florida Engagement Shoot

The talented ANGIE & MARKO make an ordinary courthouse and garage roof top look so good in this engagement session with Acksanna and Brian. The couple shows off their fun-loving personalities and stylish side in their day and night looks that created a gorgeous engagement session full of love and happiness. Check out their love story and stunning engagement session below. Trust me one peek at these images will make your heart go pitter patter.








Acksanna & Brian’s Story 

How Did You and Your Fiance Meet?

Brian was my Herbalife guy that I ordered supplements from. I eventually no longer could order and we kept in touch, fast forward a few months and we both confessed we had feelings for each other after getting to know each other for quite some time. We have been inseparable since!

The Proposal:

Brian set up with another couple, David and Sarah, to have Sarah ask me to hang out on a Saturday and get our nails done. When we finished, Sarah called the guys and said they want us to meet up and hang out. We met up and went for a walk, and eventually, we were standing on a bridge in Orlando and realized David and Sarah were gone. I got a text on my phone from them, of a video showing Brian driving around K-Mart on a bike holding signs saying “Acksanna Will You Marry Me” and I looked at him, and he was smiling and got down on one knee.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To in Your Wedding?

I am Canadian and Brian is American. His family is mostly from Alabama and my entire family lives back up in Canada. We look forward to having our wedding in Orlando where our families and friends all come together to celebrate with us! It will be an event filled weekend we will never forget.

What Are You Looking Forward To In Married Life?

Building a future together. We love going to brunch or wine on a patio and day dreaming together about our futures. I am so excited to see that come to fruition. We both support each other’s dreams so much, I am excited to share that together with him.





All images featured were captured by: ANGIE & MARKO

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