How to Use Social Media To Plan Your Wedding

It seems inevitable, as a millennial, that one day you will be in a conversation with someone from an older generation about social media and how pointless it is. Now they may have a point that it is probably not helpful for my life to scroll through puppy Instagrams for hours.  BUT… social media can be a powerful tool for things other than just socializing, especially for wedding planning. Here are my tips for how to use all that time you spend on social media for productive wedding planning.

How To Use

Gather Inspiration 

The mecca for gathering wedding inspiration on social media is of course Pinterest. Pinterest has a sea of ideas and is great for having a way to collect inspiration photos that you can take anywhere you go.  My tip for using Pinterest effectively is don’t just create one “My Wedding” board where you store all your ideas. If you’re anything like me, you will wind up with a ton of pins (849 pins to be exact) on this board and you will be scrolling for days trying to find the one picture you wanted to show a vendor.  Instead, create multiple boards for specific things like wedding dresses, flowers, hair styles, etc.  This will help you to stay organized and not get overwhelmed with all the ideas you find.

Another great social media app to use for finding inspiration is Instagram. You can follow wedding blogs or wedding related pages which are always sharing photos from real weddings or inspiration photos that can help you get ideas for what to do on your own. And for a shameless plug, you can follow this blog on Instagram @BridalGush.

Anyways, another way Instagram is helpful is its location feature where people can tag a location on their photos. For my wedding, our venue was less well known and did not have a lot of pictures of it online.  I used the location feature to see photos from people who attended events there. This helped me to see how it was set up for different events and gave me ideas on how to decorate for my own wedding.

Find Vendors

The single greatest way you should use social media for your wedding is for finding. Vendors commonly use #Hashtags on their pictures with things like #CincinnaiWeddingPhotography or #ClevelandFlorist. Use the power of the hashtag to find vendors. This is a great way to discover smaller vendors that may not be at the big bridal shows. I used this to find a makeup artist for my wedding with the hashtag #ClevelandMUA. I looked at people’s work, picked someone I liked and reached out to them through the contact info listed on their profile for an in-person meeting. My makeup came out gorgeous but, you tell me if it worked out or not… IMG_7546

(Don’t mind my bestie in the background doing what we do best… having fun!)

Get Suggestions, Advice, and Support

Social media is great for well…socializing. Often times that can mean reaching out to your network to get suggestions or advice from friends and family on how to handle something or recommendations for your wedding. I found the DJ for my wedding by posting on Facebook for suggestions of DJs in the Cleveland area. I got a few recommendations, checked them out, and the one wound up being our DJ for the night. We had fun dancing the night away and I am glad now that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time find someone.

Social media is also helpful for a good venting every once in a while. Wedding planning can get you frustrated sometimes, so it can be helpful to let it out and get some support from your friends. Now use this lightly, no one likes the person that is constantly venting on social media…NO ONE.

 Get Free Stuff

And last but not least, use all that time you spend on social media to get yourself some free stuff. Yes FREE! Many wedding vendors or wedding blogs do giveaways periodically to their followers.  This can range from items like a free photo album from a photographer or to a whole wedding with all the fixings. Don’t shy away entering the contest because you never know, you might just be selected at the lucky winner!



So in all, social media can take up a lot of time in your life, but it can be incredibly helpful too. When used productively for your wedding you can get inspired, find vendors, reach out for advice, and possibly win free stuff.  Let us know, have you used any aspect of social media to plan your wedding? Leave us a comment below!




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