Pop! Fizzle! Clink! Celebrating LUXEredux’s 2nd Birthday!

You know it is a party when you hear the pop of champagne corks as soon as you walk through the door. This past Thursday, LUXEredux Bridal celebrated their 2nd birthday and I was there to celebrate!  What better combination is there than champagne, cupcakes, and gorgeous bridal gowns?


LUXEreduxe Bridal is a designer sample boutique in the heart of the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati, OH. They carry sample gowns from designers like Haily Paige and Kenneth Pool at reduced prices.  Yes, I know, what a find! IMG_3426

To celebrate their second year of business, the lovely ladies of LUXEredux threw a shindig with all the fixing! As the boutique filled with friends and family and the Champagne from Butcher and Barrel began pouring, it turned quickly into a fun night! Surrounded by their dazzling selection of dresses, I found myself thinking about planning another wedding. Picking out dresses I would wear and trying to figure out how to convince my husbands that we should do it all over again!  I mean our first anniversary is coming up… is it too soon to renew our vowels???


The time flew by, as it does when you are having too much fun chatting and eating delicious cupcakes from Patricia’s Weddings Cakes. I had a great time with the ladies of LUXEredux and hope they do it again next year!



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