Say Yes To the Wedding Planner with Pink With Envy Event Planning Services

Wedding Day Management

Hi, it’s Brooke from Pink With Envy Event Planning Services here again with Bridal Gush. So far we have talked about the value of a wedding planner and what a wedding planner does. Some of you still may not be convinced of the value just yet, so I have one last plea! If you don’t hire a planner from the start, please consider booking a Wedding Day Management package with one!

You may have heard this referred to by others as a “Day of Coordinator.” You plan everything else and get everything booked and we come in towards the end and bring it all together and execute the day of. Our company personally doesn’t like to call it “day of coordination” as it insinuates that we can simply show up only on the day of only and execute flawlessly. This simply isn’t true for any planner. With our “Wedding Day Management” packages we start with you 1-2 months out from your event. We collect all of your vendor information, go over your vision, help create your final comprehensive timeline and then are actually there to take over for you on your special day. We can start with your ceremony and negotiate staying at various points throughout or until the end of your event. Here are some of the main benefits of still hiring a Wedding Day Management Coordinator:

  • Peace of Mind- On multiple levels. You can enjoy your day and all the time and money you have invested while knowing you are in capable hands. You can also know that your friends, family and bridal party aren’t worrying about taking care of your set up and details. You can have them right with you, where they belong, making memories!
  • Logistics- Your coordinator takes over all logistics including becoming the point of contact for your vendors. They also handle all venue relations, set up and tear down, and anything with your ceremony should you need the extra help there too! You aren’t setting out centerpieces, picking up flowers, hauling décor or anything else.


Leppert Photography

Photography: Leppert Photography

If you are still worried about budget, Wedding Day Management is a great compromise for the couple that has a handle on most things but still wants to be present with their friends and family and enjoy themselves on the day of. Again, you have invested all of this time, money and effort. Don’t be the couple that as the day approaches or on the day says “I just can’t wait for it to be over!”

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