What’s The Definition Of A Wife?

What does it really mean to be a wife? Who knows?? Jump into the exploration of what I have learned about being a wife in my one year of marriage and see what more seasoned marriage vets say about how they define being a wife in their marriages. Read more →


An Enchanting Copper Wedding Inspiration Shoot In Cincinnati, Ohio

Copper anything always steals my heart, so I am glad to see copper as a prominent wedding color. As we transition from Summer to Autumn, it is time to hand in our pastel color palettes and pair copper with deeper hues. This stunning wedding inspiration shoot by Ji Cherir Photography and a team of wonderful Cincinnati wedding vendors … Continue reading An Enchanting Copper Wedding Inspiration Shoot In Cincinnati, Ohio

Vendor Spotlight: SilverWing Alterations

More often than not, when you buy a wedding dress it never fits perfectly. There is always some tweaks or major changed that need to be made in order to have it fit just right. The idea of someone cutting up your precious wedding dress can be frightening. When you have a knowledgeable seamstress that makes your dress fit like a glove, that worry goes right out the door. Debra, the owner of SilverWing Alterations, is that seamstress. Check out more of Debra's work in this Vendor Spotlight.