Seeing Things Clearly With Acrylic Wedding Decor


Happy Wedding Wednesday lovelies! I am bringing some gush-worthy wedding decor inspiration that will have you seeing your day, oh so clearly. Move over traditional materials, like wood and paper, and make way to your new decor friend, acrylic. Yes, I am talking about acrylic, like the stuff you put on your nails, but for wedding decor. This clear plastic has moved out of the nail salon and into wedding venues across America. This super chic medium adds a posh touch to any wedding. Today we are going to share with you 10 ways to add acrylic decor to your modern affair.

1. Invitations

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Photography: Steph Parker Photo, Invitation: Ivory House Creative

Looking to really wow your wedding guest? Step number 1, send them a dazzling acrylic wedding invitation. I mean with an invitation this pretty, who could decline? With the sophistication of glass but the durability of plastic, these invitations are sure to be displayed on more than just the refrigerator. Try mixing modern and whimsical type font to create a fun and modern feel. Or go full out formal with an elegant script font.

2.  Chairs: 

Tired of boring white folding chairs, banquet hall chairs, or same old Chiavari chairs? Have your guest sitting on air with these super cool crystal clear chairs. These beauties take any event up a notch. Acrylic chairs can shapeshift to really fit in anywhere from an indoor wedding reception at the posh hotel to an outdoor ceremony on a mountain side.

3. Ring Box


Ring Box: Yada Yunikon

Don’t let the sparkle of your diamonds be obstructed by the little old ring box. Let your diamonds shine bright in this see through case. You work hard for those rings so why not put them on display as they take their journey down the aisle. With a personalized engravement, this ring box is not only stylish but a chic little keepsake from your wedding.

3. Welcome Sign

Greet your guest in style with a stunning transparent welcome sign. Use modern script font and drape with greenery and flowers to add a fanciful feel. Going for something a little more polished? Try framing in a lavish gold or silver to inspire feelings of grandeur.

4. Cake Stand


Cake Stand: NGO Design Works

Have your wedding cake rise out of thin air on one of these dream clear cake stands. Let your cake stand out and rise to new levels of elegance by adding this see-through base. Also, try surrounding the cake with flower and candles to create a romantic feel.

5. Cake Topper


Cake Topper: Z Create Design

Your cake topper should reflect you and your fiance, so trade in that porcelain bride and groom cake topper for a more personalized cousin, the acrylic cake topper. These are nice because you can add your names or a saying to really make it special to you.  Use geometric shapes to add a modern feel.

6. Menus

Set the table with this beautiful transparent menu card. Entice your guest with a menu card that will not only have them drooling over whats for dinner but also its beauty. Mix and match with antique china to create a feeling of whimsy.

Escort Cards

Toss out those tired old paper tent escort cards and try these charming acrylic escort cards. Step outside the norm and display them in a fun and playful way like with fruit or handing on a board. These are also a nice keepsake for your guest to take home to remember your big day.

8. Table Numbers

View More:

Photography: Sara Campbell Photography, Table Number: Ivory House Creative

Be bold and elevate your table decor with these transparent table numbers. These table numbers are sure to complement any centerpiece and bring a touch of posh to your table scape. Use modern calligraphy and geometric shapes to complete the look.

9. Guest Book


Guest Book: Corks and Confetti

Don’t get a plain old guest book that you’ll just look at once and never see again. Try this gorgeous lucite guest book that you’ll definitely want to have as your next coffee table book.

10 .Wedding Arch


Source: Custom Made

And last but not least, surround yourself as you say “I Do” with this towering acrylic structure. Fill with lights to create a glimmery beauty or top with flowers for a romantic feel.


Love these wedding inspiration ideas? Leave us a comment below and tell us which of these is your favorite!

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