Vendor Spotlight: SilverWing Alterations

SilverWing Alterations

330 Main St, Hamilton, OH 45013

(513) 414-3312 • • Facebook: @SilverWingAlterations • Instagram: @SilverWing_Alterations

Vendor Spotlight | Silver Alterations
Vendor Spotlight | Silver Alterations

More often than not, when you buy a wedding dress it never fits perfectly. There is always some tweaks or major changed that need to be made in order to have it fit just right. The idea of someone cutting up your precious wedding dress can be frightening. When you have a knowledgeable seamstress that makes your dress fit like a glove, that worry goes right out the door. Debra, the owner of SilverWing Alterations, is that seamstress.

Debra is a certified Master Seamstress who has been sewing for over 40 years. As a child, Debra began sewing and doing alterations. She has always loved weddings, so when she got older she opened her own wedding planner shop where she did everything from florals to cakes. After serval years of this, she decided to go back to her true passion of sewing. Debra opened her own alterations shop that specializes in wedding dress alterations. She is known to many as their “fairy god seamstress” because she treats brides like her own daughter and sometimes does things like ordering a limo for one of her brides that had no way to get to her wedding.

As I walked into her fitting room I was greeted by her mother’s beautiful wedding dress that she so brilliantly preserved. I had the privilege to observe Debra with a client and I could tell she really knew her stuff. Her client had bought an off the rack sample dress that was twice her size, but this challenge did not intimidate Debra. She quickly got to work inspecting, pinning and gathering the dress. Without even looking at the tag, she knew who the dress designer was by looking at how the dress was constructed, and how this to take this into consideration when putting the dress back together. Debra’s extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for her brides is what sets her apart.

Vendor Interview:

What Services Do You Offer?

My specialty is wedding dress alterations, where I work to make the wedding dress fit perfectly.  I am also known for wedding dress restyling, where I take the Mother of the Bride’s wedding dress, restyle it to be more modern and fit the bride. In addition, I provide custom made gowns for Weddings and Proms, restoration of antique clothing, bridesmaid alternations, and sell homecoming and prom dresses off the rack at my store.

Custom Made Prom Dress| Vendor Spotlight | Silver Alterations

Vendor Spotlight | Silver Alterations

What Is Your Process? 

I have an initial appointment to meet with brides to understand how their dress fits now and how they want it to fit on their big day. I try to offer the perfect fit, so I offer as many fittings as it takes to get the dress just right. Most stores just offer two or three fittings, but I, on average, have my brides come in for 5 to make sure their dress fits perfectly. I to get to know my brides, their styles, and what changes they want to make to the dress; whether that’s adding straps or a different type of bustle. Once the dress is complete I steam or press the dresses and provide the bride with a breathable garment bag.

A Bride and Her Data | Silver Wing Alterations | Vendor Spotlight

When Should Brides Contact You?

Bridal restylings take about 6 months and alterations take about 2-3 months.

How Can Brides Contact You?

Brides can contact me by Phone at (513) 414-3312 or email at to make an appointment.

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